It's Like She's Part of My Family

Ms. Hayes’ father was a patient in the Observation Treatment Center at Baldwin Park for three days. “All of the staff was excellent,” she said but there was one particular nurse who really stood out, Glenna Reyes, RN.

The family had respected their father’s wishes to not be resuscitated. He had been ill for a long time and he and his family were accepting of the inevitable. There was usually someone from the family at the bedside both day and night. However, on the day he died, the family was not present.

When Ms. Hayes came back to the hospital she felt awful that she hadn’t been there when her father passed away. Glenna came to her, expressed her sympathy and then sat down with her and described her father’s last hours.

“As I sat and listened to Glenna, I couldn’t stop staring at her and smiling inside,” said Ms. Hayes. “I kept thinking ‘it’s like she’s part of my family.’ It meant so much to me to know that Glenna was there when we couldn’t be. I felt such peace knowing that she was at my father’s side during his last hours. Glenna is an angel.”

In the words of one of Glenna’s colleagues, “She is a beautiful example of the values and expectations of Kaiser Permanente. She represents her profession and this organization with the highest integrity. We are fortunate to have her as part of our team because her behavior on that day is typical of Glenna every day.”

Glenna Reyes, RN was the recipient of a DAISY Award from Kaiser Permanente, Baldwin Park.